native plant nursery


If you were to ask any Native Plant enthusiast “What makes a plant Native”? to North America, they would describe it as a species of fauna that was already established before European colonization. There are numerous benefits to the use of Native Plants. Native Plants (alternatively referred to as Indigenous Plants) have grown and evolved in a specific area for generations and therefore are more prepared to face the elements. As a result, they are much more hardy and less finicky to care for. The wildlife in the area has also evolved along side these plants, and because of this has formed bonds with them. Most native insects have specific plant species from which they feed and ignore introduced species. There are many birds that will feed directly from local trees for seed, nectar or fruit, but won’t use the bird feeder you bought to attract them. These plants also work together to grow as natural plant communities. All of these plants and animals combine to make a completely functioning ecosystem. Why fight thousands of years of evolution?

Here at enviroscape we share the land with Not So Hollow Farm, a nursery populated entirely by Native Plants. The plants we grow are ethically propagated using local seed sources whenever possible. Our availability list includes the Ontario seed source it is propagated from. As landscape consultants, we were aware of the demand for Native Plants, and the current difficulty in attaining them. Since we have over 35 years’ experience with plants and what is required to raise them, we decided to solve the problem by growing them ourselves.

Visit Not So Hollow Farm for more information and important events.