Picture 091For over 35 years, Ian Payne (BLA) has been creating healthy, sustainable and beautiful spaces for live, work and play. As a founding director of Enviroscape Incorporated (1976), he enhances people’s outdoor experiences all over South Central Ontario.

As a child, Ian’s family moved to the country. Feeling far from uprooted, he had found his place—his new location captured his imagination. Little did he know that his new appreciation for the surrounding flora and fauna, would become foundational thinking. Another pivotal moment happened early in his career, when Ian was delivering plants to the new Toronto Reference Library. The tropical plants made him wonder, “Where are these plants indigenous to? What’s indigenous around here?”

Ian made a decision whilst traveling, to pursue a career in Landscape Architecture. Upon returning, he discovered the program at the University of Toronto, had reached capacity. He asked, “What if we could find the space?” After a weekend of what can only be described as street level, guerilla building and design, the Professor to student ratio rose from 40:1 to 42:1. Monday morning’s class now included Ian and his equally industrious co-conspirator, seated in a newly built mezzanine with handmade drafting tables. What could they say?

Ian’s practice began in Toronto’s bustling urban environment. Along with his brother Craig (Bsc Horticulture, Guelph), Enviroscape specialized in Landscape Design and Construction. Through those highly productive years, Ian never lost his affection for the country and the natural heritage of the Ontario landscape.

In 2000, after 20 plus successful years, Craig Payne retired from the business and Ian and Enviroscape relocated to his beloved countryside. At that time, Viki Reynolds joined the team, to partner in the planning and development of a native tree and shrub nursery on the property. Not So Hollow Farm—still a pioneering concept now, had it’s first native plant leave the farm gate in 2002. As desire for native species increased, Not So Hollow Farm expanded in response. The nursery’s plants can be found populating many of the restored green spaces in the G.T.A. Not So Hollow Farm has quickly become a “go-to” destination for landscape professionals and native plant devotees.

Ian’s decades of experience have honed his aesthetic. Regardless of the scope and scale, his skills and design philosophy intertwine on every custom project he oversees. Re-imagining the existing elements of a given location and harnessing its natural attributes to maximize its potential are Ian’s greatest strengths. Local, native and green are more than just buzz words at Enviroscape.

Ian has put together a trusted team of local tradespeople to implement his designs. Today, Enviroscape and Not So Hollow Farm are staffed by a dedicated team, who believe passionately in living and working green.

Utilizing innovative green building methods, Ian and Viki, have built a truly forward thinking home-base with shipping containers, a green roof and an indoor wood-burning pizza oven. Located in the idyllic purple hills of Mulmur, this is the perfect headquarters for Enviroscape and Not So Hollow Farm. When it comes to harmonizing divergent materials—it’s not experimentation, it is experience.

Ian Payne is multifaceted; Farmer, Innovator, Music lover, Techie, Vegan and Landscape Architect. His lifestyle informs his creativity—which fuels his design. Design which will enrich both your lifestyle and enjoyment.

Ian can be reached at:

www.enviroscape.on.ca www.notsohollowfarm.ca